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We do acoustic design and construction of sound-friendly environments, “key in hands”. More specifically, we make studios (home, mastering, project, pro), control rooms (music, post production cinema – Dolby-approved – + TV – ITU compliant), dubbing rooms, voice overing isobooths, live rooms… We also design and build tech furniture with controlled acoustic impact. We also work for non-technical environments, private or public: wherever sound has to be optimized for critical listening or “simple” acoustic comfort: think of gyms, conference rooms, clubs and dancing halls, churches, sports’ venues, auditoria, theatres, movie theatres and home cinemas.

We work on a regular basis with architecture, construction, furniture pros, because together we can make any space or thing acoustically balanced, without need for further correction. Non only – our consultancy may easily integrate the offer You Pro make for your Clients: they’re going to be much happier if their new environment ALSO sounds good.



CEO, Founder & Project Manager

Enters the “pro audio” world in 2005, after over ten years spent in the publishing business as a software engineer. Kicks off as Avid Product Specialist in cinema, TV post-production and broadcasting.
In 2007 joins the San Marino Audio Project Group as co-owner and takes over as “overall” coordinator in turnkey projects: equipment supply, wiring, set-ups, tests, certifications and training.
She therefore knows by heart every aspect involved in the construction from a to z of sound-friendly environments. In 2012 founds Proaudio Consulting and is our Project Manager.



We are an expert and motivated team, with great passion for Italian craftsmanship, world-reknown for design, durability and functionality. We are particularly careful with budgets’ compliancy and post-sale services: we are proud all of our works, they’re our visiting cards and we want our Clients to be happy with them, in time.


We are solution-seekers: the expertise we gained on field allows us to solve any acoustic problem and to achieve outstanding results even in critical or off standard conditions with tailored, state-of-the-art solutions: check out what we did for Fox International Channels in Hammersmith, London, UK.


Our mission is cosmopolitan and green: we work extensively abroad, bringing “made in Italy” quality all over Gaia. We know how to get things there and we do use local suppliers whenever possible: this keeps costs down and protects the environment.


We easily partner up, team up with companies that can take in the best possible know-how in a project’s any stage, picking from time to time the most suitable to deliver a certain task, always under our direction and supervision: we can offer the advantage of a unique contact person for every need – one that has, in every moment, the “pulse” of the project, at any stage.


We’re good at budgeting and at handling budgets. They’ve trusted us all over because we proved to be able to make good things with an ideal cost effectiveness. Sometimes, we are assigned a budget to fit a solution to, sometimes it’s the opposite: top-of-the-pops results and price it (rare but it happens). In both cases, you are granted the best possible solution.


When we talk custom solutions we really mean that, just like people or companies… No one is like the other.
We call it “branding”: acoustics are done following the aesthetics of a company’s “style guide” (colors, logos, shapes) as well as taste, moods, spirit of any Client.
We’ve been asked for a Gorilla room, a Lego  room, a roarin’ 70s room, a Kalimba recording studio; as well as rooms that would comply the strict company’s style guide, see the Avid rooms made for Fox in Monaco.
Branding, it means to be you, be your company: just like ladies’ make-up, acoustics must be there and work but shouldn’t be seen 🙂



We daily cooperate with architecture, constructions and furniture professionals, because combining knowledge we can create acoustically balanced spaces, without the need of future fixes. Furthermore, our acoustic consultation is an added value for your projects: your clients will be more satisfied if the space you’ve created “sounds good”.

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