Recording studio


Recording studio… Easily said, not so easily done. You find ‘em in any size and flavour 🙂


  • Home (hobby or prosumer),
  • Project (“private” studios for artists, bands, DJs…),
  • Pro (with “resident” sound engineer or “for rent”, usually for third-parties).
  • And Mastering, of course.


We have built a number of them, in Italy and abroad and there’s not one that is like the other. Literally. There is no copy-and-paste solution that can work the same way in different spaces. Every studio, big or small, deserves the best possible care to achieve results that make it professional, anyway: music is, above all, passion, even more when music is work; and music deserves the best.


Beware! If you still haven’t found the space for your new recording studio, contact us before making any decision, because there are a number of variables than can jeopardise the final result – money-wise as well: geometry of the space to begin with. We have built perfect studios in very small or un-even rooms but construction times + complexities rise a bit.


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