“Colorix” @ In House – Rome

The project

Colorix, as wel call this room, is an acoustic engineering masterpiece, done from a to z, “turnkey”.
The room is @ 4th floor of a residential building a few steps away from San Giovanni’s Basilica, in Rome. The acoustic insulation “shell” we designed “handles” the 105 dB of sound pressure of the room @ work. Particularly, lower frequencies stay within the room.
Dolby®-approved mixing room AND color correction, in one room.


Our interventions

  • design of acustic insulation “shell” and works supervision;
  • design of HVAC and electric plants: works supervision;
  • design, construction and building of acoustic treatment;
  • electroacoustical engineering and in whole handling of Dolby™ certification;
  • supply, installation, setting-up and acceptance test of all equipment;
  • wiring.
Mixing Rooms