Barys Arena in Astana: beyond expectations

Astana Ice Palace

Barys Arena in Astana: beyond expectations

Astana, Kazakhstan, the new Capital, 2015. A constantly growing metropolis, getting ready for “its” Expo 2017. Many contracts for huge constructions in the last few years: big time European constructors, mainly, at work. We got a call from Switzerland, Lugano, from Mabetex aka Mabco Constructions SA – they had a problem. Their Barys Arena, still under construction, the new hockey stadium and multi-venue, new home of the hockey team of Astana “tigersdoesn’t sound good. It has an impressive loudspeakers’ system that doesn’t quite do with 8 seconds reverberation time: no acoustic treatment, no loudspeakers’ efficiency. Touching plasterboards or other structures that “dress” the arena is impossible at this stage: construction works are too far ahead. We’ve got to think about something and the Proaudio team gets to work.

Barys Arena in Astana

The Barys Arena in Astana, under construction

How we solved the issue

We have engineered an acoustic treatment for the only surface still available: its roof, steel structure. We have engineered a gripping + suspension system to allow the installation, or, better, hanging, just like laundry, 2.767 polyester fiber panels, with first and second double safety anchorage. Our goal, as per contract: STI > 0.5 and reverberation time no higher than 4 s. We have supplied the panels, made in Italy from 75% recycled PET: “mattresses” 1.20 * 2.4 m large, 5 cm thick, 50 Kg / mc density, each weighting 6.88 Kg. We have chosen and purchased steel cable suspension systems, with security “grip”. We have engineered the “spring” to hook them up.

Grip used to hook soundproof panels

The grip used to hook panels

We have hired a Russian riggers team, to hang them.

Riggers hooking up soundproof panels

Riggers at work!

The result: beyond expectations

And in a few weeks’ work, all panel were up. The result was way beyond expectations: STI @ 0.56 and EDT @ 3.8 s. We’ve wrapped it up calibrating the electroacoustical system 4-hands with Padova’s system integrator Professional Show Spa: we delivered a number of different EQ configurations to load accordingly to the event to be hosted (music, hockey game, speech, etc.). We followed this project from A to Z, working along with Client’s designers and engineers, from issue analysis to final set up – “key in hands”.

Donato Masci and Francesca Bianco working

Donato and Francesca from Proaudio Consulting!

he acoustic result has been fully achieved and aesthetics were also good, in the end. Astana’s Barys Arena now has its “black sky” 🙂

Acoustically treated panels in Barys Arena

Barys Arena’s “black sky”

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