"This world looks wonderful,
we want it to sound as good".



Proaudio Consulting does acoustic design and construction. We work through and with partner consultants and companies, each of them an expert in its field, since many different expertises are to be brought together to make good acoustics. We design and equip and make custom, “key in hand” solutions – budget friendly.

We take any project in from its very start and follow it to its final testing.

We also cooperate with construction pros (architects, interior designers, engineers…) to help them assure the best possible acoustic quality to every project, leaving uncompromised and untouched aesthetics and functionality of any environment.

  • Broadcasting

  • In a world where images prevale, sound today is getting more and more demanding. Broadcast environments must suit those who work images and sound. And those who work sound have demands to meet in the ITU-compliancy world. A room treated the right way will produce QC-safe sound contents. Take a look at what we’ve done for Fox in London and Munich!
  • Cinema

  • It’s not all about motion pictures any more. 3D sound’s new frontier has been crossed with Auro3D and Atmos. We still do not know if a standard will prevale on the other. But we sure know how to build cinema mixing rooms that will do it all. Starting today: take a look at Sorrentino’s favourite – Colorix @ In House, Rome.
  • Music

  • Where acoustics give your best – not theirs. Big console, big monitors, great instruments need a shrine to get the best of them. Booths, control rooms, live rooms – we’ve done it all! Custom, tailored and with a wink @ aesthetics, NO acoustic compromises taken: home, mastering, project, professional studios. And our creatures host legends – see Fabrizio Simoncioni‘s D:PoT. – Or Federico De Robertis’ Aldilà (Beyond, il Italian…), where Oscar prize winner director Gabriele Salvatores has his soundtracks created.
Dubbing studio
  • Post

  • It’s all about doing sound right the first time. It’s all about fitting good acoustics into tiny, urban environment. It’s all about doing it on a budget and doing it so good that if your work in there, you cut times by half. It’s all about making it look good, because you do have Clients over. We know post in its very essence: time is money and we need best quality in no time. See how we fit an ITU-compliant 5.1 control room into a…Rusty Garage 🙂

  • Phones ring, voices overing, traffic: it is hard to work in such conditions. Not to mention industrial noise, bad for your health. Or, even worse, hubbubing in cafès, clubs, restaurants where (your) Customers can’t have a decent conversation.
    We have more than one solution to “silence” your company, your office, your production plant. We work on both isolation and treatment: we protect quietness while making any environment comfortable to your ears. Once we’re done, you won’t believe your ears! Curious? Contact us and tell us all about it.

  • We can work acoustics for “big” environments like auditoria, movie theatres, theatres; sports’ venues, stadiums; places of worship like churches. All those places where an optimal sound propagation is mandatory. Recently we have successfully completed the design, engineering, supply and installation of the acoustic treatment of the Barys Arena, in Astana, Kazakhstan – the home of Astana hockey “tigers” – we are very proud of it! Wanna see how we did it? 🙂

Audio and architecture professionals
  • Professionals

  • We cooperate with architects, engineers, interior designers to design, together, the perfect space, from its geometry onwards, to achieve the best possible acoustic. We support them from the very beginning, to match acoustics with their requirements: from aesthetics to functions, to furniture, eventually technical. Are you one? Work with us!
  • System integrators

  • The System Integrator concept comes from the IT world – wherever computers become working tools, you see System Integrators: which is, everywhere. For those of them who face the supply and integration of audio systems (for broadcasting, live, post production) it is hard to find acoustic competence in “pro audio” vendors: or, at least, it’s hard to find one that thinks “super partes”. Pro audio vendors focus on products, not best possible integrated solutions (acoustics + electroacoustics). This is why we can make a difference: take a look at what we’ve done for the Barys Arena in Astana, loudspeakers’ system and acoustic treatment done 4-hands with Italian system integrator Professional Show. The result is outstanding.
You haven’t found what you were looking for? Or maybe you have a specific question or request? Have no fear, we can help you breaking down your acoustic issue and find the most suitable solution to solve it!